For Fun’s Sake

I own a scooter. People sometimes look at me as I pass by… a forty-four year old women on a scooter. I’m a daughter, wife and mother having fun scooting, for fun’s sake. Sometimes I roll along by myself. Most of the time I scoot with our daughters and in doing so I weave myself into their fun along the path. Our girls see their mother not only providing fun but having fun. That’s the best gift I can give them. In scooting along my own path, I light the way for our girls to flourish and have fun. Hoping that as they roll along in life, they will do so with a lighter heart.  Every time I get the scooter out of the shed I hesitate and then take a deep nervous breath and then go. Fun is a choice and the voice in your head that says you don’t have time for fun, or you’re too tired for fun, or that you’re not worthy of fun is a liar. We aren’t put on this earth to do the laundry and die. For fun’s sake, go play. Happy Monday from our home to yours. 

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