A Poem: A Cog in the Wheel

A woman is on the London bound 6:05
There's an hour before she'll arrive. 

She sits down in a seat
Lucky to be able to rest her feet. 

Too old to be young and too young to be old
She searches the news for what is told. 

She finds in The Times an article of big, little lies
Of women who suffer silently through out their lives. 

How they valiantly try to have it all 
Even as all the balls they juggle begin to fall. 

She sighs with a silent strain
She so intimately knows this pain. 

A husband who rarely offers a hand
Yet years on she's still wearing his band. 

Children who always answer back
Life feels like its on a one way track. 

She wonders how she got here
She looks around the carriage in fear. 

She sees only faces lit by phones
On this one way train she feels so alone. 

A cog in the wheel just rolling along 
Can she make it through, can she be strong.

A woman rolls over, its 6:05
She only has an hour to come alive.

She laces her running shoes 
And scans the news. 

Her feed tells her she can have it all
Every lasting memory big and small. 

She doesn't work, so they say
She only has this running hour to play. 

An hour before he makes his exit
And little ones demand their breakfast.

She doesn't work so they say
But sometimes it all seems a pretty high price to pay

A cog in the wheel just rolling along
She's got this life and she's trying hard to be strong. 

It's 6:05 and an early knock on grandma's front door
In a few short minutes she'll be back playin' on the floor.

She sets extra places at her table
For the grandkids who's parents just don't seem able.

A cog in the wheel just rolling along
She prays for grace, she's gotta be strong. 

6:05 and she reaches for his hand in the morning light
But his body couldn't make it through the night. 

A marriage shrouded in betrayal 
She could have left but never felt quite able. 

So many years gone by
So many dreams that silently die. 

Days ended at the bottom of a glass
Old age has proven harder than her past. 

Just a cog in the wheel rolling along
They all keep wondering how to be strong. 

If only they'd known as they passed each other by
They didn't have to suffer in silence and cry. 

Good little girls sit still and smile so they say
But its simply too high a price to pay. 

Imperfect compared to the highlights of their friend’s feed
Truth is no longer a want its a need. 

Lay down your burdens and that have load
Talk to each other, speak the truth and chose a different road. 

A cog in the wheel just rolling along
Women who speak the truth know how to be strong. 

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