Good Companion
  • Finish Line

    There is an overlooked moment which occurs at the end of most days. A moment often unnoticed in the busy swirl of family life. It is the gentle space in time marked by the quiet hum of a dishwasher at the end of a noisy day. The hum that can only be heard in aContinue reading “Finish Line”

  • The Voyage Home

    Virginia Woolf’s authoritative understanding of words came to mind as I contemplated a particular word that had been banished to the shadows of modern life.   “…words, are full of echoes, of associations – They have been out and about, on people’s lips, in their houses, in the streets, in the fields, for so many centuries.Continue reading “The Voyage Home”

  • Hidden Valleys…

    It had languished on a shelf in our much-loved village charity shop. A silver plated cooler with the word ‘champagne’ etched onto its side proclaiming, just in case any one was in doubt, its place on the table. The tarnished bowl was surrounded by soldiers of cut crystal stem glasses. Glasses made for a generationContinue reading “Hidden Valleys…”

  • Solicitude

    When the dust of a busy morning settles I head to my blue room with a cup of tea in hand. ‘My‘ being the correct term as no one in our house is under the illusion that it is theirs. The blue room contains a fireplace and bookshelves that bump their heads on the ceiling.Continue reading “Solicitude”