Good Companion
  • Solicitude

    When the dust of a busy morning settles I head to my blue room with a cup of tea in hand. ‘My‘ being the correct term as no one in our house is under the illusion that it is theirs. The blue room contains a fireplace and bookshelves that bump their heads on the ceiling.Continue reading “Solicitude”

  • Scotch in a Tea Cup

    If only Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf could break bread at my table. I would be equally delighted and terrified. Since reading A Writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf and then The Selected Letters of Mark Twain edited by Charles Neider, I’ve been straddling different continents of form and thought. Both author’s were masters of theContinue reading “Scotch in a Tea Cup”

  • Motherhood in Open Air

    On a hot humid summer day in Washington I crossed the threshold of The National Gallery of Art in Washington to be welcomed by the echo of air-conditioned footsteps and a once in a lifetime collection of Impressionist paintings. As a young former ballet dancer I entered the museum focused on soaking up the dizziedContinue reading “Motherhood in Open Air”

  • Anchors Aweigh

    She said with an assured weariness that he was her anchor. Her life was like a well designed boat and he was the stabilizing heavy object that kept her moored in one place. A cold comfort of sorts. Little did she know she was a ship tied down to the bottom of the sea withContinue reading “Anchors Aweigh”