We meet as our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers have done for generations. With the pretence of a simple cup of tea or coffee we weave ourselves into the tapestry of each other’s lives. Without fanfare, unnoticed by a busy world, we quietly come together to share our stories. Shared lives steeped in quiet moments, creating bonds that often last a lifetime. Teacups, however plain or ornate, are placed on a table and women are given a novel moment to simply be, in order that they may become. Over a humble teacup we watch each other, flourish and grow. Over a teacup we support one another through marriages, motherhood and careers. Over this often overlooked and unseen object we share our lives with one another. The world spins around over centuries as women come together over teacups in homes, coffee houses and cafes. A teacup created acceptable spaces for women to be and not do, a counter balance to the ebb and flow of busy lives. Over a humble teacup, we offer up our most precious offering our stories. Stories that are often just as overlooked by the world as the teacups we drink from. 

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