2. A Jesuit Priest, Virginia Woolf and a dachshund…

Pru and I go for a walk. The walks mid-January come as a challenge to a Floridian and her miniature Dachshund puppy, whose heart hovers just above the frozen ground here in England. The length of our walk is quite short, just to the corner. With Pru it stretches into a veritable twenty minute adventure.Continue reading “2. A Jesuit Priest, Virginia Woolf and a dachshund…”

Scotch in a Tea Cup

If only Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf could break bread at my table. I would be equally delighted and terrified. Since reading A Writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf and then The Selected Letters of Mark Twain edited by Charles Neider, I’ve been straddling different continents of form and thought. Both author’s were masters of theContinue reading “Scotch in a Tea Cup”