5. Helena Minimead Aquetong 

Pru is not sitting on top of the desk today. It is Saturday and Pru is sitting with her human sister downstairs. Pru loves the weekends. Laps are much easier to come by. She will watch her sister’s screen and then yawn and fall asleep in her lap. Pru loves screen time. I worry about how much screen time Pru and her human sisters are getting. It is a constant battle for the love of sweet uninterrupted silence and the guilt of being a neglectful mother. If it were the 1970’s I wouldn’t have this problem. I would be telling them to be home before dinner through a puff of cigarette smoke with a cute apron on. But Pru and her human sisters are not children of the ’70’s. 

Pru is not only a modern pup who watches TV but a modern pup who comes with papers. I find this funny because this goes against our political leanings. I have been a card-carrying member of the rescue dog club my entire life. A trip to London changed all that. I was with two friends who are wonderful photographers and tender mothers. We popped into a flagship store. I was looking at some cute aprons. A man walked by with a miniature long haired dachshund. I was smitten, with the dog. Aprons and dachshunds…. Sometimes we must follow our hearts instead of party lines. 

Pru has no political leanings, but she is a dog that came with a little green certificate that spells out that she is a dog of importance. Five generation pedigree. I didn’t realise that she came with papers. In fact, when I went to pick her up from her rather comfortable home in Wiltshire, I accidentally took her brother home instead. I was chatting with the breeder about a topic not related to dogs at all, noticed the time, and had to do a mad dash to do the school run with our new puppy! ‘Our’ knew puppy that I realised was a boy in front if the school gates. We returned Pru’s brother and collected Pru, who in our unbiased opinion is the pick of the litter. Though I do wonder if her brother who now lives in London with an advertising executive is still pooing on the rug. 

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