Anchors Aweigh

She said with an assured weariness that he was her anchor. Her life was like a well designed boat and he was the stabilizing heavy object that kept her moored in one place. A cold comfort of sorts. Little did she know she was a ship tied down to the bottom of the sea with an impending storm brewing.

‘Anchor’ the oddly chosen nautical term we often use to describe the people, habits and things that keep us where we are. The recognizable symbol right there on the side of our ships for all to see. But as any wise sailor knows, one of the most dangerous places to be in a storm is tied down by your anchor. When hurricanes barrel towards Naval bases, sailors pull up the anchor and navigate towards open waters and calmer seas. Life’s anchors are vital, visible and potentially very dangerous. Lives are meant to be lived and ships are meant for sailing the seas.

If our anchors can’t always help navigate life’s calm waters and and stormy seas what can? The acknowledgement that what brings stability to our lives is not on the outside for all to see but hidden in the hulls of ourselves, our own ballast, our own centering line. The recognized importance of ordering the core material of unique collected experiences and connections that bring stability to our ships as we navigate through life. We may sail in the safety of armadas with our partners, families and communities but make no mistake we sail our own ships. We may lead, we may follow but we can’t sail someone else’s ship for them, not our partner’s, not even our children’s and no one can sail ours. In life when the center will not hold and we know that storms are brewing as they often do, we go down into the hull and find our ballast. Vital weighted hidden materials in the form of experiences, habits, connections, expertise and objects that bring stability. Ballast manifested and ordered by you to navigate your life as only you can do. Anchors aweigh. Happy Wednesday from our home to yours.

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