A Scratching at the Floor

The wolf returns to our door as winter descends across our cities, towns and villages. Once again we are reminded of what the wolf’s whining at the threshold sounds like. The children are off school and at home with one illness and then another. A weary new normal has settled in and nothing feels quite right. Should we be doing this or that? Friends, neighbors, politicians and other countries plod down divergent paths. Newsreaders still sing from half written hymns. When do we get to breath and not worry about this, that or the other? When do we open our door and know that the wolf will not be standing at the threshold? How can we find solace and sustenance when the daily news rattles us to our core? How do we keep the home fires burning? By stepping forward and continuing to check on our elderly neighbors. By looking in on the first time mom who is new to the neighborhood. By using whatever grit, wit and resources we have to move ourselves and those we love through these trying times. By asking for help when needed and offering help when we can. How do we know we are capable of this seemingly insurmountable task? What proof do we have that we can provide sustenance to ourselves and those we love? Our proof is our very existence. We are proof that our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers had the tenacity and wit to rise above world wars, bad politicians, food shortages and everything in between. We are proof that they kept the lights on. We are proof that they provided sustenance to those they loved. Our existence is proof that in both big and small ways they kept the home fires burning and we will too. So take heart and know that our tasks, both big and small, are of great value, especially today. Happy Monday from our home to yours.

You can live with grace and wisdom, thanks partly… to your own innate sense of what you must do with the resources you have, to keep the wolf from snuffing to hungrily through the keyhole.

How To Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher

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