There is a tree peony in our garden that produces two different coloured flowers, one yellow and one white. The white blooms arrive on the scene first. They seem bold and sure of themselves in the early days of spring. As the light changes and the days grow longer, then the yellow peony flowers arrive on the scene. The yellow flowers appear to be late bloomers; they stay snuggled in their buds waiting for a different light to shine in. Two branches of a tree, grafted together to flourish from the same roots. Our tree peony reminds me of how different and unique the flowers in our garden are. Even within one family our flowers bloom in their own way and in their own time. As caregivers we are like gardeners. Our mission is to nurture and observe, to see with an eagle eye what is flourishing and what is struggling to take root, not only in our selves, but in our families. We can no more force a flower to bloom where it cannot than make a person be someone that they are not. The flowers in our garden and our loved ones come with their own needs and gifts. We attend to these flowers with care and consideration, knowing that they will bloom in their own way and in their own time as all flowers do. 

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